Len Graham Consulting

Len Graham
Director Tooling/Engineering
Matrix IV, Inc.
610 East Judd St
Woodstock, IL 60097

Dear Colleagues and Injection Molding Industry Professionals,

This letter is to announce that I have accepted a permanent position as Director of Tooling/Engineering for Matrix IV, Inc.in Woodstock, IL. The 82,000 square foot facility in Woodstock, IL is a privately held, female owned, business led by former fortune 500 pharmaceutical and biotech executive Patricia Miller as its CEO. At present the manufacturing plant has 27 molding machines ranging from 75 tons to 700 tons. Aside from plastic injection molding, the plant also offers contract manufacturing services including providing complete packaged assemblies, pad printing, machining of plastic components, and sonic welding. A new, advanced additive manufacturing machine capable of printing plastic parts from various industry standard molding materials very similar in construction to molded plastic components is being installed as of this writing. A class 100,000 clean room primarily to serve the medical industry is in plans for the near future.

A recent article published December, 2014 describes how Patricia and I are working together as well as some history on the company and Patricia herself.


Although the molding plant was built around 1950 and added on subsequent to that, it has not seen renovations/upgrades until very recently. Patricia is in the process of upgrading the office areas and other management/quality areas inside the plant, adding the clean room in the plant, and upgrading the outside of the building, including customer parking areas, with the cooperation of the city of Woodstock.

Berry Plastics sold the Mold Manufacturing unit I led in Buffalo Grove, IL from November, 2011, and had initiated the beginnings of the Mega-Cell, to Flextronics Corp on October 31, 2014. Berry was informed that they would not be transferring my employment to Flextronics when the transfer was complete. My position at Matrix IV, Inc. began the following Monday on November 3, 2014. I had accepted Patricia's offer to join her on November 3, 2014 and help with re-posturing the business to match her advanced vision.

Len Graham Consulting has been dissolved as a business as of May, 2012 and it has ceased functioning as a business.

I want to thank everyone for the support and well wishes I have received since accepting this new and exciting position. I also want to thank all of my Len Graham Consulting customers, some of whom were there at the beginning in early 2004.I hope to be seeing many of you in the near future here in Woodstock.

Many of you are aware of and supported the Super Cell project I initiated, but was never able to complete in Arizona. You may also be aware that Rexam had initiated cell 1 of 5 cells that was to have eventually become the Mega-Cell. This venture has been the subject of many industry articles published last year. I am no longer affiliated with that project. My focus has been re-directed to this new and exciting molding engineering, molding and manufacturing operation.

My new role will be molding as well as mold tooling related. Along with being involved with day to day operations, my main role will be in assuring mold tooling within Matrix IV will be managed in a way that best protects our customers' mold asset interests once the molds are in operation in the plant. In addition, my mold tooling engineering expertise will be used at the front end to assure that our new and existing customers' new mold building programs are engineered and built to specifications that will meet their manufacturing needs for the duration of the program while in operation at Matrix IV.

We are building a network of mold tooling providers with expertise in all areas of mold tooling. I will be working directly with these providers in an advisory capacity on behalf of Matrix IV, representing our customers.

For those seeking production with existing mold tooling, acquiring mold tooling along with a facility to produce product they are designed for, molding with value added operations, processing existing mold tooling, or any requirements in between can contact Patricia Miller or me at 815-338-4500 for their needs as outlined here. My cell contact number is still 602-284-3114 or call the main number at 815-338-4500.

Thank you all for past and future support for my efforts.

I look forward to working with many of you in the future at Matrix IV, Inc.


Len Graham

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