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Len Graham
RD Industries, Inc.
7417 No 101st St
Omaha, NE. 68122
Main - 402-453-9635
Office - 402-763-2136
Cell - 602-284-3114

Dear Colleagues and Plastic Injection Molding/Mold Manufacturing Industry Professionals,

This letter is to announce that I have joined RD Industries, Inc. in my home town Omaha, NE as Director Tooling & Automation Engineering; a newly created position there.

RD Industries was founded in 1968 by Rodney Laible, President and CEO.

Exactly 50 years ago I began my career as a Senior from Omaha Technical High School where the top machining student was granted a job with Tip Top Products, later sold to Faberge'. Rod's Dad, Ralph Laible was in charge of manufacturing there.

Rod was beginning his college education in business at The University of Nebraska Lincoln at that time.

Shortly after starting work there Ralph left Tip Top to start-up Reliable Products Company in the basement of the family home. I began work there after Ralph asked if I would join him as their first outside employee. They provided custom molding service and mold building. It was a large basement!

After building a new larger facility soon thereafter, I was appointed mold shop foreman by Ralph in the 3rd year of my Reliable Products sponsored apprenticeship. I was 19. Because I had design engineering education at Tech and earned many awards, I was the mold designer, as well. Mold design concept and detail tutelage was provided by Ralph and the moldmakers that I was teammates with there.

Rod was leading the custom molding arm and integrating a plastic cap company Ralph had purchased and moved into the building. Rod formed RD Industries in 1968 to begin developing the products RD Industries produces today which serve the chemical mixing/dispensing industry in a safe, accurate, consistent fashion.

In the 43 years after my leaving Reliable Products in 1973, many of you know the innovations I have developed for automating mold manufacturing. For those who may not know, information can be attained by entering "Len Graham Mold Manufacturing" into Google.

During that same 43 years, Rod has gone on to continue to develop, manufacture, and deliver the many OEM products which can be seen displayed within RD Industries' web site at www.rdindustries.com.

So, after 50 years from our beginnings as teenagers learning this business together, we are now back together, again. This time, we are BOTH much worldlier in our developmental knowledge of this mold manufacturing/molding/assembly business.

My new role will be to help RD Industries' product development and manufacturing personnel refine tooling and production in any way that I can in order to increase productivity and constantly improve product quality-maintain on time delivery for our customers.

After reviewing our website, should you either have need for our existing products or have a related need for a product that you are not finding available, please contact us via the web information or the phone number(s) at the top of this letter.

Thank you all for your support. I hope many of you find need to contact me or my teammates here at RD Industries in the not-so-distant future.


Len Graham
Director Tooling & Automation Engineering
RD Industries, Inc.

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