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Dear Colleagues and Injection Molding Industry Professionals,

This letter is to announce that Berry Plastics has sold the mold manufacturing unit I led in Buffalo Grove, IL to Flextronics effective November, 2014. Flextronics has chosen not to continue my employment as Business unit Leader. Therefore, I am actively seeking employment within the Injection Mold Manufacturing industry, preferably in the Southwest, but I would consider any area within the continental United States. If you have or know of such a position you believe may be a fit for me, please contact me with the information. I would appreciate your help.

Sincerely, Len Graham


Len Graham Bio/Resume

I am seeking an opportunity where my 48 years of high level designing and building of plastic injection molds, and managing companies in the plastic injection moldmaking/molding industry can best be applied. In addition, and indeed more important than this experience, is my expertise in the leading of people in such a manner as to create an atmosphere of teamwork and continuous improvement where they reduce quality issues and improve their revenue per person output for their company. It is very important to me that I join a company that believes in and nurtures this style of company structure.

Len Graham is the past Business Unit Leader for Berry Plastics’ mold manufacturing facility, formerly known as RMM (Rexam Mold Manufacturing). Berry Plastics has sold RMM to Flextronics’ Lynx MedPak Division as of November 1, 2014. Len did not continue as a Lynx MedPak employee after that sale.

Len Graham was Business Unit Leader for RMM from November 2011 until its sale to Berry Plastics in June, 2014. RMM is a nearly 100,000 square foot facility located in Buffalo Grove, Illinois and employs 65 personnel on 2 shifts. RMM was the mold manufacturing arm of worldwide medical supplier Rexam Healthcare. Operating as a separate business unit, RMM engineered and manufactured plastic injection mold tooling for internal as well as external customers. Aside from medical mold tooling, RMM had expertise in mold manufacturing for the consumer and home care products markets. RMM finished the year 2011 generating app. $150,000 in revenue per person. With the implementation of a viable continuous improvement system of operation and the initiation of cell #1 of Len’s Mega Cell mold manufacturing system , the facility will finish 2014 generating app. $200,000 in revenue per person for a 1/3 increase in overall productivity in just 3 years.

Len is recognized first and foremost, as a Master Moldmaker. He began his mold making career in high school in Omaha, Nebraska as an apprentice and spent app. 15 years there as shop foreman for various moldmaking companies. Len left Omaha and moved to Arizona to work in management for both Tech Mold as GM (app. 16 years) and Tech Group as Director of Tooling/Engineering (app. 6 years). Len managed those entities between November 1981 and January 2004. It was at Tech Group where Len began work on his patented

(US 6,754,557 B2) Super­Cell, featured as cover article for Modern Machine Shop in November, 2003, as well as many industry periodicals at the time. Len founded Len Graham Consulting after leaving The Tech Group in 2004 and operated the firm helping mold shops nationally develop automation principles effectively until accepting the Business Unit Leader position at RMM in November, 2011.

In the nearly 3 years Len had spent with RMM, he has worked with his team there to engineer, develop and install rail #1 of 5 rails planned for Mega­Cell automation of mold insert manufacturing as well as for mold bases. This unit has been featured in many, more current, industry periodicals. Articles were published in August and September, 2013 issues of Moldmaking Technology, EDM Today, Cutting Tool Engineering and Modern Machine Shop Magazines.

Links to videos and articles:

Len is the Author of What Is A Mold?; a textbook about plastics processing and plastic injection mold design properties. Len has taught many classes covering the book’s contents over the years ranging from customer site classes to classes taught at Gateway Community College in AZ and Polytechnic in Singapore. It is or has been on the curriculum at TMA­Chicago, Singapore Polytechnic, and at the Plastics institute of UMass ­ Lowell. The book is available at Barnes and Noble and through selected industry suppliers.

For more information on Len Graham refer to www.lengrahamconsulting.com or simply enter ­ “Len Graham Mold Manufacturing” ­ in your Google search bar.

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