Len Graham Consulting

Len Graham
Business Unit Leader
Rexam Mold Manufacturing
800 Corporate Drive
Buffalo Grove, Il. 60089


Dear Colleagues and Injection Molding Industry Professionals,

This letter is to announce that I have accepted a permanent position as Business Unit Leader for Rexam's Mold Manufacturing Division in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. It was also recently announced that the Buffalo Grove campus is now North American Headquarters for Rexam Healthcare.

For those of you that are not aware, the campus was previously owned by Precise Technologies and started business as Courtesy Mold.

My position at RMM began November 14, 2011. I will no longer be operating Len Graham Consulting and it has ceased functioning as a business.

I want to thank everyone for the support and well wishes I have received since accepting this new and exciting position. I also want to thank all of my Len Graham Consulting customers, some of whom were there at the beginning in early 2004.

Many of you are aware of and supported the Super Cell project I initiated, but was never able to complete in Arizona.

I am pleased to announce that the RMM team and I are already underway in executing plans for a new Mega-Cell at RMM. We have a 90,000 square foot facility to work with in order to not only automate the manufacture of mold inserts and electrodes, but manufacture mold bases in a palletized, associated fashion, as well. Once again, since this is blazing new trails, it will not happen overnight, but we have an aggressive RMM team already working on the plans and initiating the first stages of the concept I have given them. Plastics News visited on March 8th to gather the details surrounding this exciting new concept which will leapfrog my Super-Cell project. If you attended NPE this year you likely saw the show issue of April 4 where the details of the Mega Cell was covered on pages 41 and 42. The article was re-issued later on page 9 of the April 23rd Global issue. There is a video as well, and it can be viewed here. Initial partners are Makino, Agie Charmilles Technologies, Zeiss, Tri-State Machinery, and Systems 3R as the automation supplier.

Some of you are aware of the work I was involved in with Omega Plastics in Clinton Township, MI. That is where the Omega team and I have automated the manufacture of prototype and low cavitation mold tooling. Omega and RMM are adopting the same style of associated mold design, machine programming, manufacturing, and inspection in a team style of operations. All data is associated to the ADP-MI pallet-mounted Gage Ball found on my web site (though no longer available, the process surrounding it can still be reviewed there), and in-process certification of all components.

Therefore, Omega and RMM are ready and willing to offer any OEM or other mold/molding/value added customer who may be interested in utilizing a synergistic prototype/manufacturing team to help them make a seamless transition from prototype/developmental mold tooling/molded components to full production tooling qualified to production status in a more rapid, concurrent fashion. Anyone interested in improving speed to market can contact Chris Buch 586-954-2100 ext 2825 at Omega Plastics or Jeff Barhoff 978-906-1127 at RMM for the details.

For those seeking only production mold tooling or production mold tooling along with molding/value added operations can contact either Jeff for mold tooling or Mark Howell 847-325-3101 in Buffalo Grove for complete molding programs including any contract manufacturing needs. My contact number is 847-325-3054.

Thank you all for past and future support for my efforts.

I look forward to working with many of you in the future at RMM.

Sincerely, Len Graham



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